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TAZARA; a typically African travel experience 20.04.2010
This is what happens when I don't blog for a while 18.03.2010
Do we really exist? 25.02.2010
A beach Christmas 30.01.2010
Top Trumps - Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore 19.12.2009
Malaysia, Singapore and the Hall of Freaks 19.12.2009
Loy Krathong and our new pad 20.11.2009
Phuket Vegetarian Festival 08.11.2009
Yet another special day for a tuk tuk ride! 22.10.2009
Oz, axe murderers and the epic GOW 28.09.2009
New Zealand, sheep and the vibrating town of Shumbi 28.09.2009
Top Trumps 10.09.2009
Lake Titikaka and the chronicles of Ms. X 20.08.2009
Jungle Boogie 15.07.2009
Do llamas lay eggs? 03.07.2009
Inti Raymi Festival 03.07.2009
The dangers of hiking 17.06.2009
Peruvian Law and Order 17.06.2009
Hola Peru, guinea pig stew 05.06.2009
Top trumps 04.06.2009
Chichen Itza 28.05.2009
Hanging with the monkeys 21.05.2009
Windy bus journeys, swine flu, scorpions and rum 06.05.2009
The Mexican eagle has landed 25.04.2009
7 days till take off 13.04.2009